December 2, 2014 Juliana Hughes

How to convert GIF to Video for Instagram (No Downloads)

“Video is taking content marketing by storm.” – The Guardian

Learn how to convert GIF to video for Instagram by following these easy steps. Keep in mind, there is no download necessary or App required to convert your GIF to Quicktime .mov, .mp4, etc.. using this free online video converter.

The 4 steps will demonstrate how to convert a GIF to .MOV for Instagram:

1. Go to

2. Use the drop down under “Video Converter” to select your file type.

Free Video Converter - .GIF to .MOV

3. Once you are redirected to the .MOV Video Converter webpage, you will have an option to upload your GIF from your files or paste the URL in which the GIF is hosted.

Easy Steps to Convert .GIF to .MOV


4. Once you click “Convert file”, the GIF file converted to .MOV will download immediately.



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