Top Phoenix, AZ Developer Award 2018,

W e begin every relationship with getting to know you and your business. We wish to understand your precise target audience, and to help you implement the best website design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to attract these potential customers and leads. You are the expert on your business and its customers, and we will draw upon your knowledge to help increase the effectiveness of our SEO-friendly web design and web development. We will use your personal expertise to add elements to your landing pages that turn visitors into the buyers, subscribers, and high potential leads of your business.

Juliana Hughes

However, you should note that you most likely would not rank for many search terms with this service. We have several great tools that allow us to easily integrate things like title tags, page descriptions, open graph options, and a few more meta tags for your site and its pages. This is why JH Consulting offers multi-services for every client in one full slate. In order to see the best results and truly take advantage of Search Engine Optimization there needs to be more planning and strategic implementation than the basic information we provide. This is where our SEO, Link Building, and Email Marketing services come into play.

It often takes some time for results to become clear, and anyone who claims otherwise is selling a service you probably do not want to be involved with. Quick results and schemes are unstable by nature and rarely succeed in the long term. Just like a car, you have to fine-tune your website, keep up with performance, and continually improve upon it for your customers to keep coming back. Part of the process we utilize is to analyze all the data closely while the results come in. Watching this process closely allows us to make adjustments and SEO improvements along the way when necessary in order to get the best results possible for long-term effectiveness. Let us put your website to work for you!

Top Phoenix, AZ Developer Award 2018,

Web Development Service Features & Benefits with JH Consulting include:

Designed for Conversion

Social Media Integration

Search Engine Optimized

Ongoing Support

Responsive Design (Mobile-friendly)

Blog Integration

Team Training

SEO Friendly Code

Custom Graphics

Content Writing

Full Ownership

UX and UI Design



A website truly needs in most cases, 4 months to a year to help your business first implement SEO improvements and then see potential benefit.

Link Building

An SEO client needs a strong link building plan focused on improving rankings and brand visibility.

Email Marketing

Crafting the perfect email marketing campaign – tailored specifically to your list has proven high ROI.